African Blackwood And Olive Wood Pen For Professionals

African Blackwood and Olive Wood

African Blackwood is an exotic wood native to Eastern Africa, and is very difficult to work with hand or machine tools. Its feature is a very dark brown to black. It is an extremely hard wood, with a fine texture. Mainly used for custom pool cues, woodwind instruments, knife handles, walking sticks, and carving. African Blackwood is considered one of the world's finest woods for turning. It polishes very well to a smooth, lustrous finish.

Olivewood is another exotic wood that is native to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. This pen's Olivewood is from Bethlehem (Holy Land). It has a sentimental and religious significance to several cultures and religions. The wood is hard and strong. What makes this hardwood so unique is the extraordinary grain pattern of each individual piece. It even becomes darker, richer, and more beautiful in color as it ages. It has long been a favorite for religious, historical, and artistic artifacts. It finishes very smoothly, to a high polish.

Ballpoint Twist Pen, uses Cross style refill.
24kt Gold Plated

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