African Nudu Style Hat

When I first saw the hat that Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top wears, I fell in love with it. I have been figuring out just how I could create a hat with similar likeness that will evoke the same essence as the one he wears. Billy's hat was acquired from West African Cameroon's Bamileke tribe. My most popular color is the brown.

This is a grueling process: I begin with perforating small holes in one of my six paneled leather beanie type hat. I take 100% Alpaca wool felt and dye into the color of your choice; each loc is hand dyed and felted. There are roughly 70 individual 1.5 inch locs in each panel; there are approximately 420 locs throughout the entire cap. I weave each loc into the holes, securing heavy thread. This baby is constructed!!! This color of the First hat is smoke grey; You have six colors to choose from, all are in muted tones. Check the color chart in above photo: 1: brown; 2: black; 3: pale blue; 4: pale pink; 5: pale green; 6: stone grey. There is a 1 inch leather band around the edge of the hat. The hat is lined with 100% Cotton Designer Fabric.

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