Alligator Juniper Tapered Cabinet

This is an original & unique piece in both construction & design, with an Asian/Southwest influence. Made from "Alligator Juniper" (Juniperus Deppeana), harvested from 3 lightning struck, standing dead ancient trees, taken along the New Mexico/Arizona border in the Gila/Apache Sitgreaves Natl. Forest. They resemble Bristle Cone Pine, the oldest plant organism on earth, known to live 5,000 years, they share certain characteristics, growing twisted & gnarled like a beautiful Bonsai & can live nearly as long.
It is the only piece of "Fine Furniture" of this caliber in existence made of this species, beautifully grained & extremely difficult to work, completely hand made but for the hinge screws & magnetic door catches.
Each tree milled with a gas powered portable band saw, knowing each cuts purpose, then sized on a table saw, all else was done with a Japanese hand saw, chisels, spoke shave, inshave, hand planes, hammer, forge & anvil, there are over 400 individually hand wrought pieces in its makeup, using no dies or templates, it is signed & dated along with my logo on a subtly placed inlaid copper plaque within the cabinets interior. It has a hand rubbed satin Tung Oil finish overlaid with Carnauba Wax, giving it a deep, velvety, durable finish.
While living On Kauai, it was viewed by chance by a gentleman who did appraisals for the Smithsonian Arts & Craftsfair & invited to NYC, I never made it & too many years have gone by, my price is under what he appraised it for, if I made this from a different species, say store bought lumber, the price would be what you see below at $20,000
The hardware is of hard copper & steel, the joinery pegs are walnut, the slide rail is oak.
All panels are 5/8" thick, the bottom sliders & shelving are 1" thick & the legs are 2"x2", all other measurements are as follows.
Height 6'6"
Width 36" at bottom tapering to 33" at the top
Depth 20 1/4"
Interior Depth 17 1/2"
Interior Cu. Ft. Just shy of 20 cu.ft./2880 cu. in.
Weight In the neighborhood of 200 lbs/Note: The copper feet enable it to be easily moved
Completed in 2004, it grows a deeper depth of grain each year, it has never been used, its rack is true, it spent 2years on Kauai, the copper does not tarnish (it's the wax) & it's impervious to changes in humidity (it"s the oil).

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