Amber Waves Kitchen Backsplash

Even if you've never walked through a field of ripe wheat, the Amber Waves tile can take you there. Its fine detail evokes the rich aroma of the grain, the feel of the rough kernels on your palm as you pass. You may even hear the dry leaves ticking in the wind. This rich, sensory experienced is evoked by this handmade backsplash from David Regan Tile. The edge of your kitchen counter top transforms into a panoramic vista of a ripe field of wheat, ready for harvest.
Measuring 18" high to fit into most kitchen backsplash areas, this subway shaped tile repeats every two tiles, creating a seamless backsplash that can extend indefinitely. Upon closer inspection, veiwers are surprised to learn that the image of wheat is not painted on the surface of the tile, but embossed as a subtle texture into the wet clay prior to glazing. This traditional handmade technique, used by American Art tilers at the turn of the century allows the glaze to pool in the recesses and recede from the edges of the texture creating the almost photo realistic image totally with glaze.

Dimensions: 18" high, individual tiles are 7" high x 12" long. Pattern repeats itself every 24".

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