Ancient Ganesh On Canvas

Ganesh (in Sanskrit: गणेश) is one of the best known and widely revered Hindu dieties. He is also known as Ganesha or Ganapati. Ganesh holds the title Remover of Obstacles, often chanted in the form of song or Bhakti yoga, or on the 108-count chant on the mala bead necklace.

This photographic art on canvas began with a photograph taken in the Art Institute of Chicago's Asian Artifacts exhibit.

It is an Indonesian relic approximately 1500 years old.

Happy to work with you on your project to explore different color themes and shades!

This piece can be customized to almost any dimension that fits within the aspect ratio (in other words, so that the image is not distorted). I have done a beautiful sepia tone and another I call "fiery red".

Dimensions: Large dimensions beyond 34" x 48" may incur additional fees for size and shipping.

Basic sizes are:

18" x 24" for $175
24" x 34" for $275
34" x 48" for $375

Shipping is additional and reasonable!

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