Andy Bernard

I went to the steel yard to pick up material for To Pickle or To Prune. There was a broken down truck blocking one of the steel racks. They told me that they wouldn't be able to get to the pieces I needed for a couple of days. I was running on uncontrollable energy, and couldn't sit still and just wait. I looked around my studio for scrap material to experiment with another new idea. I had some reclaimed pluming pipes and a slab of wormy maple. I decided to make a bench. I created this piece and named it Wormy Inertia, to highlight my need to stay in motion.
After finishing it, I checked with the steel yard to see if they moved the truck yet. They hadn't, so I kept moving. I wanted to make a shelf for my booth at ICFF. I loved this new aesthetic and decided to use it again. After the piece was complete, I realized that the new piece was more deserving of the name; it has more visual movement in it. So, I decided to change the name of the bench. I really like Ed Helms and his character, Andy Bernard, from "The Office". A similar thing happened to Andy. He was born Walter, Jr., but when he was four years old, his parents had another son. His father thought that this new son was more deserving of being a junior, so he changed his first son's name to Andy.

Dimensions: 51.75" long x 18.5" deep x 19.75" high

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