Anything Made Duct Tape

Here I have images of some flower pens I made and a note book. I can make just about anything out of duct tape. I have made a pair of pants (Which surprisingly insulate very well, it was -30 degrees where I was and I was almost sweating from the traped in heat my body produced.) and the wallets, bags, even grocery bags (very durable and water proof) And I am willing to take on the challege of any ideas you may have. The pens start at $1.50 and go up for the amount of colors you want and the type of pen/pencil or even making them into hair bands or anything. The note book starts at $5 and go up from there depending again on how many colors you will like and the kind/size of note book etc. For any other project price will be determined as requested. Have a Nice day. Thank you for your time.......Nameste

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