Aquarium Room Divider

Interior with open concept has many advantages, especially if your home is small. It gives the impression of a wider concept without the barrier wall and allows you to access any part of your home. But what if we want a little privacy, or bored with the open space? If you think building a wall will cost a lot of budget, you should start thinking about divider room ideas that is easy to have a beautiful aesthetic value. There is plenty of divider room ideas with a unique style of the moment, such as wood, rattan or also with furniture. This time we will not discuss it all, bisecting the room with aquariums is something more spectacular.

A modern aquarium is great as a room divider, you will see results in different environments. It's like a part of relaxation when you sit back in the living room, or when you feel tired in front of a desk. Aquarium splitter is very useful to restore your spirit, in addition to functionality. This time I want to inspire you with DIY aquarium divider room with more unique designs. An aquarium cabinet, an aquarium wall, or an aquarium for the corner of your room. I am sure you will be inspired!

Price and completion time of a Room Divider Aquarium Unit will vary depending on size, shape and materials. We have set a base starting price below which includes all materials to build you a custom acrylic aquarium, custom wood or metal stand and the wall facade that will conceal your lights, filtration and plumbing throughout the structure.

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