Argentium Silver Locket, Freedom Flight

24. Freedom Flight: Her name is Freedom Flight. She represents all those who are victims of human trafficking. Through no fault of their own they have become enmeshed in the sleazy underworld of sexual exploitation, prostitution, forced labor, and other degrading practices too numerous to list. You notice she has no face. She is ambiguous; obscure; lacking identity: but her identity can be restored. You can help. She has no arms with which to fight off those who would exploit her. She has no legs to run from those who would imprison her. She has been given wings like a butterfly. Wings that represent transformation from imprisonment to freedom. Wings of hope that enable her to escape to a better future of her choosing through organizations such as Zonta International. Her Creation: Freedom flight is our original design that was brought forth from a concept that Sally created in 1979. It was first brought to light in a beautiful black and white drawing, transformed into a large scale copper sculpture utilizing the ancient technique of chasing and repoussé, and finally hand formed into a lovely sterling silver pendant to capture the Spirit of Zonta International's goals and efforts. An ingot of sterling silver was poured and hand forged and small files were then used to sculpt the body. A jeweler's saw was utilized to create the wings, true to the original design, and lines were chased into the wings. Fine Argentium granules were soldered into place to accent the curves of her wings. The world behind her was dapped into a steel form, and then carefully textured with a plannishing hammer. A hinge of small silver tubing was created along with a catch to create a locket to hold a remembrance of someone or something special to the heart of Zonta International.

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