Art On My Lamps

Lucent Shades lamps/lampshades are one-of-a-kind pieces, handcrafted with Japanese Kinwashi, one of the finest papers in the world known for its translucent quality, durability and versatility. Several layers of wet Kinwashi, applied in stages onto a metal frame, form the base layer of the shades. Other imported specialty papers, embedded with bark, leaves and fibers, are used to create the designs through the papier mache process. All these natural fibrous materials are from sustainable sources as no trees need to be cut down to produce the papers, just the seasonal branches for their fibers.

Each piece of the design is individually hand-cut by the artist and appliqued on to the white Kinwashi base layer.

The lamp looks brighter, more radiant and more translucent than the photos are able to show. And these are the distinct qualities of Lucent Shades lamp shades, not like the kind of light one gets from fabric and screen-printed plastic shades.

All Lucent Shades lamps and lampshades are treated with non-toxic fire retardant, and archival-quality sealant to preserve the design, color and texture of the lamps.

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