Artist's Office And Studio

This was a special project for a friend who is an illustrator. His studio was in his house and was both studio and office. It also served his hobby for displaying all the trains he restored over many years.

He liked the look of wood so his choice was oak in its natural color. He wanted the cleanest look with no external hardware showing. For the top cabinets I gave him framless cabinets with doors and vertical grain from wall to wall.

In the base cabinets he needed plenty of storage for art supplies so I created many flat drawers for pens, pencils, brushes, tubes of colors and things that would store just one item deep. Deeper drawers stored bigger items. Drawers on the right store very flat things, paper!
Drawer pulls are natural walnut.

I even gave him a roll-around for his overhead projector.

Other sections included the large piece on a trestle. How apropos for one who collects trains. This piece has tambour that travels three feet in either direction, opening a small office of it's own. The top you can see, has inumerable train engines cars and sets. The large glass doors shows off their colors. The deeper cabinet on the right houses many art books.

Across the room from this piece are other pieces of cabinetry and shelving holding more trains of course.

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