Aspen Leaves And Wind Journal Cover

The Wind gave our children the spirit of life --- Chief Seattle

One of my favorite trees is the aspen tree. I love the way the leaves change color in the fall and quake in the slightest breeze. There are times when I've sat for hours in the wilderness. And sometimes all I do is sit and listen to the wind dance through the aspens, tickling their leaves.

This journal is a work of whimsy and wishful thinking. The leaves are cut and attached to the hand-cut leather where they float on a whispy breath of wind. The wooden knob clasp is hand cut from, yep, you guessed it; aspen. I've painted aspen tree trunks down the inside flaps with one falling leaf on each side. I've used the golden-orange fall colors to contrast nicely with the sky and earth. It is wrap-stitched with braided cotton and then treated with beeswax to protect and beautify.

I hope you enjoy!

Want to know why the aspen leaves quake? Well, here's a myth I think you'll find interesting:
Among the Micmac Indians, there is a story of a hero - Strong Wind. Strong Wind turned evil people, specifically the nefarious sisters of his beloved, into aspen trees. To this day, Strong Wind makes the aspens tremble in fear when he enters their forest.

And now you know...

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