This is a 14 point merkava with a double terminate quartz in the center suspended by a 3 axis positioner. Each axis rotates off a 30 degree cue so the quartz can point in any direction. Each gimble moves independently of the other and when the merkava is spun, the quartz typically will enter into a 30 degree vertical spin.

There are lots of other goodies going on like stones, coral, magnets and such. The quartz is double terminate

the outer wire form is 12 gauge copper and the inner section is 14 gauge tinned copper. There are two flower of life designs above and below the gimble.

Magnets are placed on the outer points of the merkava as well as on each fixing point of the gimble. All magnets orient outward in the same field- ie., north. The idea behind the magnets is to create a magnetic field that the DNA of the body can pick up on and resonate with.

Roughly 18 in / 45 cm across and 20 in / 50 cm lengthwise.
All solder is lead-free silver bearing solder.

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