Authors:Series Of Writers (Portraits)

These paintings are 16x20, acrylic on canvas. They were painted for a month display at Bukowski Taveren a local restuarant/bar in Somerville,Ma.

I use my typical use of heavy contrast with a limited color palette of black, white and red. I used splashes of red to create a common theme amongst the 3 paintings as well as to add vibrancy to the darkness of the images. I used their personalities in my decisions on how I wanted incorporate the red.

Jack Kerouac "The Hitchhiker" the endless wine spill represents not only his reputation of drinking but also the endless scroll for On the Road written while under the influence of many substances.

William Burroughs "Junky" is known for not only his drinking but for killing his wife while attempting to shoot an apple off her head while drunk

Bukowski "Barfly" was known for being a jovial trouble causing drunk and being very proud of this factor

They can be purchased individually or as a group

Dimensions: 16x20

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