Azfelia Burl Statesman Rollerball Pen In Rhodium And 22kt Gold Metal

OK, I'll admit it. Ever since I started casting my own pen medium out of polyester resin, I've become a bit...focused on that medium! But I have thousands of wood blanks too. And now and then, I rediscover the basic joy I recieved when I got into this in the first place. That is, that no matter what I end up creating, the simple truth is that nature trumps all we do. Azfelia Burl is a gem wood from SE Asia. It is one of the richest, most interesting burls on Earth, and I can't fiddle with that fact. Light in color, wildly swirled grain, then 12 coats of finish, hand-rubbed to a glass-like shine, and you have a king's pen! It's mated in Statesman metal, heavy rhodium plate with rich 22kt. gold in the center band, top cap and bottom cap. It comes with a German Schmidt rollerball cartridge, and writes like a dream. It writes with the cap off, like many fine writing instruments it does not "post", or write with the cap screwed on. I think you'll love this pen, and your heirs will love it as well, if properly cared for.

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