Bamboo Fly Rods

Split Bamboo fly rods

I have been fishing split bamboo fly rods for three decades, and making them for twelve years. I am self taught at this craft, although it is an extension of of my woodworking career.

Each rod is completely made by hand from the cane splitting process to the finishing. Many are decorated with hand engraved metal parts.

Constructing a bamboo rod is an exacting process. A culm of bamboo is split, straightened, the nodes reduced, then heat tempered to remove moisture and stabilize the material.

Each of six strips is then hand planed to a triangular cross section and a specific taper, deviating by not more than .001 inch, then glued together.

They represent the epitome of non -synthetic fly rod construction, featuring strength, elasticity and supple delivery.

Most anglers find bamboo slower than synthetic rods. I feel that the reduced tempo allows for a more nuanced and delicate presentation. One is able to steer the final approach, arriving at a more accurate cast.

Dimensions: From 6'3" to 9'', for #3 to #9 weight lines.

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