Baroque,18 Century Walnut Rocking Chair

This beautiful walnut rocking chair was hand carved in the
Baroque style of the 18th century .
The shoulders are lions' heads. Flowing down the arm rests are
dragons, ending in detailed dragons' heads. Below the arm rests,
carved on the inside and outside of the rocking chair, are mythical
griffins that are seemingly flying the chair and you it into the air.
These fantastic creatures all contribute to the majesty of the rocking chair,
which has an ornate shell at the head. The quarter inch carving on the back
of the chair adds an elegant flair while being comfortable to sit in.
After putting your feet on the convenient footrest, you can relax enough to
become one with the chair.
Master Woodcarver - Boris Khechoyan designed,build,carved and finished this masterpiece in 9 month.

Dimensions: 56" x 28" x 36" Walnut

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