Better Late Than Never

After I made Split Personality, I was really excited about the potential for this new design concept. Using a large drop-off of black walnut, along with a remnant length of flat stock mild steel, I decided to explore things further. My intending was to develop another line for akke 780. Unlike the majority of my previous pieces, I wanted this form to be very clean, straight forward, and modern. We sanded down the rusty, old steel and squared off the edges of the black walnut to create this aesthetic.

Some time before making this piece, Suzy and I went to a wedding of a very close family friend. We intended to send them a gift within the "one-year window", but were struggling financially. After a year embarrassingly passed, we decided that sending money would seem strange and that the gift should be something special. So this piece is their gift, "better late than never".

Dimensions: 21.75" wide x 19.75" deep x 26.5" high

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