Black Bird & Dawn Sun Sculpture Fine Art Mask

Black Bird & Dawn Sun Sculpture Fine Art Mask - HandMade Painted Sunrise, Indigo Blue Birds 3D Face Wall Hanging - Inspiratoinal Plaque

black birds embark
radiant seekers
full flight

This painting is part of a "Little Bird" series that I am working on, and has taken a different turn and evolved into a "mask" instead of just a flat Wall Hanging. It seems natural now, the Flock of BlackBirds emerging against the Backdrop of a Beautiful Sunrise, and Flying across what could be the "Face of the Sun". There are "Faces of Nature" everywhere, we just need to open our eyes and See.....
~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~BLACKBIRD'S VITAL SIGNS~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~
I created this mask by rolling out a slab of clay, then by cutting and "ripping" and pushing and pulling and manipulating it, I formed the subtle "facial features" and the rough and rugged edges of the "Mask". Then I bisque fired the piece so it became "hard", drew the Design on with pencil and then I layered 3 coats of glaze paints to achieve the Brilliant colors you see on the finished piece. It has 2 coats of clear glaze for protection, has been fired a Second time and is titled "DAWN BREAKS: FULL FLIGHT". It is signed and dated on the back by yours truly.

~*♥*~PLEASE NOTE: The "BLACK Birds" are actually a VERY DEEP INDIGO BLUE!!! They appear Black from a Distance, but when you are close up on the Mask you can see that they are an Intense Navy/Indigo, not Traditional Black. Please see the Close up Thumbnail Photos for this...Thank You!

The Mask itself measures 11" across at it's widest and is 12 1/2" long, with the addition of the Feather and Wire Talisman adornment it is 15 1/2" long.
The Talisman consists of 2 Black Crow Feathers, a Carved Piece of Bone, a Vintage Glass Flower Bead, a large and small Picture Jasper Beads, a Vintage hanging Amber Crystal, various Glass Beads and the Copper wire.
I made a clay hanger on the back (and attached recycled copper wire to it) so it can be hung easily and safely....YAY!!!

This Vibrant and Powerful painted Mask Wall Hanging will be a Unique and Beautiful addition to any room in your home, a reminder that We all go Forth into each New Day with Hope, with Passion and in Full Flight.....

♥*♥*NOTE: I do my absolute Best to photograph my pieces in the Utmost & Ultimate Natural Light Conditions to bring you an image that is closest to the actual look of the art you are viewing. With that said, taking pictures of my beautiful SHINY Masks is challenging and the light bounces off every little bend in the pottery. If you have any questions at all on this piece, and what you are seeing, please do not hesitate to contact me!♥ :)

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