Black Foot Of The Bed Tv Lift Cabinet With Swivel Mechanism

The Phoenix P4238 foot of the bed television lift is one cool design. This TV lift was constructed from a premium grade birch wood and finished in a stunning black finish with glazed gold accents. The finish was the perfect way to complement the color of the bed posts, carpet design, and accent pieces. The TV lift really brought together the entire style of the room while adding tremendous functionality. Of course the pop-up cabinet can be finished in any color to compliment any room decor.

At the touch of a button, a 40" TV would proudly rise out of the cabinet and into the ideal viewing location. If you are considering a foot of the bed TV lift, and have not yet purchased a television, you should highly consider taking advantage of Diamond Cases unique TV concierge service. A trained professional will help you choose the perfect TV for your room and budget. Once selected they will even pre-mount the TV to the lift mechanism, space all brackets, program the TV lift, and test all functions. After testing all items are returned to their factory cartons and prepared for fully insured shipping. Possibly the best part about the concierge service is it is completely free when the television is purchased through Diamond Case (see slide above for more information).

Integrated storage for the blu-ray DVD player and cable (or satellite) box was build right into the lift furniture. Both components were organized directly below the TV for convenient access and wiring. Even though the electronics were hidden from site their remote controls were fully operational through the use of an included infrared repeater. The infrared repeater is a simple device that allows your remote controls to work even when the electronics are hidden. Click here to learn more about infrared repeaters.

Providing additional functionality to the design, was the optional swivel mechanism. The customer could literally rotate the TV a full 180 degrees so it could be viewed from both sides of the room.

Phoenix television lifts, including foot of the bed designs, are made to order and can be customized for all TV sizes. Each pop-up TV cabinet is proudly built in the United States by skilled craftsmen. The lift mechanisms are backed by a full five year warranty.

Diamond Case Designs, Inc. is the exclusive provider of Phoenix TV lift furniture systems. They are a family owned business and have been building premium solutions for over twenty years. If you have questions or would like to place an order please call tem toll-free at 800-616-5354.

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