Black Men's Homburg Bogart

Men's black homburg, a classic design we've somehow forgotten about over the years. It's one of those wearable shapes that seem to look good on everybody, which makes sense, because at one time nearly everybody was wearing them. You'll notice them in movies from the 50s and 60s if you look. They're in a couple of Audrey Hepburn movies, and the hats in Audrey Hepburn movies are some of the best hats there are. The homburg is actually a plot point in the real "Sabrina", with Humphrey Bogart. Watch it to see.

This hat sets a man apart from the fedoras and hipster trilbies. It is a bold statement of style. It makes a man the romantic lead.

This particular homburg belongs to my husband. He is quite insistent on a couple of design specifics. He wants the felt to be flat in texture, not the velour felt that I usually use, but something lighter in weight and smoother in the nap. He also insists that the band should not be the ribbon that I usually use, but rather the smooth leather you often see in good men's hats. And no lining.

My man wears it on stage. He is "the fiddler in the hat", playing fire-hot Americana roots fiddle and singing like Van Morrison in his band, Pushing Chain. The hat has become a part of his stage identity, which is why you can see a light line of salt on the top of the ribbon. This particular design detail is something you will have to provide for yourself. I kinda like it there.

I use the highest quality millinery materials when I make my hats and do my best to source my supplies from small businesses. I'm thrilled that I recently found a manufacturer of fine millinery ribbon in the United States.

This hat is made in a "men's felt", a bit scratchy, like a 5 o'clock shadow. This one is black, but the homburg looks great in grey and brown (as you might see on Peter O'Toole should you watch "How to Steal a Million". which you should definitely watch). Since this hat is made to order, we can work out color and size details that suit you perfectly.

I block each hat by hand on antique wooden hat blocks, and I make each stitch with a needle and thread. It takes me roughly 16 hours to create a hat by hand. I'm a little crazy, but I truly do love the process. Made to order hats take a bit longer to get in the post. You can expect it to be finished in 2-3 weeks. If you need it sooner for a specific reason, let me know and I'll move heaven and earth to get it done for you.

I want you to love this hat as much as I do so I am very happy to fix problems that may arise.

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