Black Porkpie - A Little Buster, A Little Johnny

This is a black porkpie hat-- flat on top with a distinctive canal around the crown, the kind Buster Keaton wore. It's kind of got a Johnny Cash sorta Man in Black kinda feel about it too. How much more black could it be? None more black.

Except in the lining, where it's dark purple. I like to line my hats in brilliant colors of Thai silk. Linings don't have to match. You are the only person to see them, so they can be bold.

I use the highest quality materials available when I make my hats. This felt is a high grade millinery velour felt. It's got a nap (that's the fuzzy part) that's pure luxury to the touch and to the eye. I've sewn a wire into the brim to help it keep its shape-- but like a really good pair of jeans, as you wear it, the hat will slowly become distinctly yours. Your favorite bend in the wire. Your favorite pinch in the crown.

I block each hat on antique wooden hat blocks, and I make each stitch by hand with a needle and thread. It takes me at least 16 hours to create a hat. I'm a little crazy, but I truly do love the process. I love the feel of felt and silk in my hands.

I want you to love this hat as much as I do. Drop me a convo so we can chat about your hat size. I have quite a bit of flexibility in the size of this hat, so I'm sure I can make it fit you perfectly. If it doesn't fit, send it right back. I am very happy to fix problems that may arise.

I am also very happy to do custom orders. Convo me and I can help you create the hat you've always dreamed of.

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