Black Walnut Extension Cab/Grain Matching Pattern.

These are very well made cabs.It's made so if you get a scratch,just steel wool and dab some stain,then tung oil.Easy peasy.

Walnut – is similar to hard maple, but oilier, resulting in a smoother warmer tone with longer sustain. It's got a little more presence and bite than other hardwoods.

•Solid Black Walnut Narrow Panel Champ Cab

•1/4"Back panels

•Beautiful Dovetails.

•Matching Grain.

•Your choice of Handle with stronger T-nuts and Machine screws.

•Oxblood grill cloth.Or you choose.

•Floating Baltic Birch baffle. (painted black)

•Fender type bronze screws for the baffle, back panels.

•Brass Inserts for the back panel Bronze machine screws.

•Fender Style Chrome Glide screw-in sphinx feet.

•Tung oil finish.

•Light Black walnut stain.

H-16 W- 20 D- 9-1/2.

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