Black Walnut Live-Edge Floating Shelves

Handmade in Lancaster Pennsylvania

SHELF SIZES: Our Standard Floating Shelf Length and Width – Our standard shelf width is 12"D while our shelf lengths are 24", 30", 48" and 60"L. Standard size shelves are usually in stock - other widths and depths are available and may require a 3–5 week lead time.

WOOD: All of our shelves are single board and not glued up pieces of wood. We only use "solid" Black Walnut, English Walnut, Black Cherry, Ash and Maple wood slabs for all of our shelves – we do not use lesser veneers or stained soft wood, however we can stain our before mentioned hardwoods to suit your specific requirements.

All of our shelves are made of "Character-Grade" Pennsylvania Hardwood – not commercially processed boards. We select our wood for its grain patterns, color tones and solidness. Each shelf is routed and drilled to slide onto its supplied heavy-duty steel hidden bracket – once installed the bracket is not visible.

FINISH: Each of our shelves are professionally finished with a fine furniture-grade sprayed post catalyzed conversion varnish (CCV) – a process that is much more involved and expensive than lesser hand rubbed finishes that often require re-application. Our CCV finish protects the wood and is extremely durable leaving a lustrous (20 sheen) finish.

INSTALLATION: Because our shelves are solid hardwood they are substantially heavier than other softwood wood shelves and therefore must be installed directly into solid wood wall studs or masonry – drywall inserts are not adequate.

Our shelves over 30" can be heavy and awkward to install and may require two sets of hands for installation – we are not responsible for damage incurred during installation.

Due to the dimensions of the bracket (6" post(s) we can only offer a minimal shelf depth of 6.5" – Live-edge shelves may require a greater depth due to their natural edge curvature.

(1) Shelf
(1) Hidden heavy-duty steel bracket (MUST be mounted into wood wall studs)
(3 or 4) #8 X 2.5" wood screws
Installation Booklet

*Modern Flat-Edge Shelves are 12" deep / Natural Live-Edge Shelves are 10-12" deep depending on curvature of the natural edge. Custom shelf depths and lengths are available.
*Shelves are 2" thick
*Heavy-duty Brackets are 1/4" thick steel, 1.5" wide back plate with 6" X ¾" OD posts welded to the plate – matt black finish.
*Brackets hold up to 40 lbs. per post when installed into wood wall studs as required.
*Our shelves are made from one single board and not pieces of wood glued together resulting in uniform grain patterns showing the genuine character of the wood.

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