10 Uniquely designed chairs

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This chair set-up is a new take on the porch swing. The distressed look is great for a country home and can easily be achieved with reclaimed wood and a worn finish. [Image via Apartment Therapy]

Lounge, wing, club and arm chairs are one of the most used decor items in a home so as highly trafficked pieces of furniture it’s important to consider function and form.

While custom upholstery is a great way to make your chairs stand out there are always other options to make one-of-a-kind chairs, like mixing materials and trying different shapes.

If you’re more on the conservative side, creating a simple and subtle uniquely designed chair can be achieved with clean lines, well-fit upholstery and smooth finishes.

No matter what your style preference is, chairs can be customized to your liking and your home’s decor design. 



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