10 ways to add Rustic to your home

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If your home comes equipped with distressed beams you have an automatic in to rustic living. Matched against a hardwood floor the two work together to create a down-home feel. [Image via Pinterest]

It’s highly doubtful that our early-settling ancestors knew they were on to something with home decor, yet hundreds of years later their humble rustic style has found its way to the mainstream.

Defined by naturally distressed wood, rusted patina metal, and organic shapes and textures, quality rustic pieces add a softened earthy element to any room. The stripped down look goes hand-in-hand with reclaimed barn wood furniture accented with tarnished metal. 

Rustic versatility makes it an easy addition to a rural country home requiring a total package of natural charm, a suburban colonial needing a subtle diversion from bright and pastel colors, or a city apartment craving a toned-down equalizer of contemporary furniture.

No matter what kind of home you aspire to have, rustic furnishings should be a part of the equation. Keep reading for tips on 10 ways to incorporate real quality rustic in your home. 

Constructed from reclaimed local barn wood, the earth-tones wooden wall art ties the room together and beautifully balances rustic with contemporary. [by Maker Craig Forget]

Pieces of distressed metal work together to support a wooden tabletop and act as the table legs in these incredibly mobile rustic end tables. [by Maker Kent Ballentine]

Simple in design, yet rich in reclaimed cedar wood fragments, this bench is a brightened and new-age take on rustic. [by Maker The Joinery]

If your home comes equipped with distressed beams you have an automatic in to rustic living. Matched against a hardwood floor, the two work together to create a down-home feel. [Image via OzArchitects]

Posted on reclaimed barn wood planks, industrial cage shades create a rustic light fixture perfect for ambient lighting. [by Maker Aaron Van Holland]

A natural wood finish was used on this rustic console table that could double as a TV stand with drawers for knick knack storage. [by Maker Jerod Lazan]

The kitchen is a popular place for rustic infusion and these dark rough wood cabinets make the case for rustic inclusion with a modern flair. [Image via Apartment Therapy]

A metal cross-section unites natural-state wooden shelves with interesting layers of varying lengths. [by Maker Gary Litwin]

Created using reclaimed wood and industrial piping, this all-in-one shelf and candleholder would be easy to incorporate in any room.[by Maker The Coastal Theory]

Give your home a rustic welcome with distressed doors. Keeping the design primarily outside lets you ease into rustic and gives your home an inviting feel. [Image via Remodelista][/caption



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