5 ways to use a belt sander! (other than as directed..)

We had a great response to a Twitter post the other day that had to do with some woodworking techniques, and I am all about giving the people what they want!  Today I thought I would show you all a few ways that people are using a belt sander.  “Use as directed” doesn’t really apply here, though safety is still first!

Tool rest/Sharpener This tool rest/sharpener comes from Instructables.com! See the whole article here!

This belt sander stand was made of 4 pieces of scrap steel, and can be found on  Lumberjocks.com. See the rest here!

This belt sander jig was found in a forum on forums.woodnet.net. Check out the plans here and here!

The purpose of this jig is turn a normal belt sander into more of a bench top sander easily and in a secure fashion.  Check out the article on Woodzone.com!

Ok, so this one is a little less orthodox but hey, it’s still fun! This photo and video were taken from the BSRA (Belt Sander Racing Association) presented by Accuride at the 2007 AWFS fair. Check out their home page here!



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