8 Bespoke bathroom sinks

This sink is 100% one-of-a-kind by mirroring the look of naturally eroded river stone but in a unique concrete form. [by Maker Pete Zoller]

It’s understandable that the bathroom might not be the first place you want to show off in your home. Bathrooms tend to get a bad rap, putting them last on the new decor list. Throw some potpourri in there, a nice little shower curtain and some floral paintings and you’re set, right? Wrong.

The bathroom is pretty heavily trafficked so it shouldn’t be something you’re embarrassed about. Without digging too deep into your pockets you can make some nice improvements to the light fixtures, the hand towels, the paint and floor mat, but really wowing needs a little more love.

One addition that puts the accent pieces to shame is a unique sink. Too often you’re washing your hands in grimy porcelain basins riddled with toothpaste stains and dribbles of dried handsoap. Give guests something to ogle over with a custom bathroom sink that makes them disregard the other decor.

Keep reading for 8 bespoke bathroom sinks you won’t be able to resist.

This sink is 100% one-of-a-kind by mirroring the look of naturally eroded river stone, but in a unique concrete form. [by Maker Pete Zoller]

A concrete sink is fitted into a brushed steel and black walnut base. The clash of elements works wonderfully together for an overall industrial vanity. [by Maker Jerrad Inlow]

Exposed pipes lead up to the marble countertop sinks for a minimalist yet classic bathroom appeal. [Image via Better Homes & Gardens]

This sink appears to be floating in the bathroom. Its concrete top has wood grain edges and pebble accents for added design. [by Maker True Form Concrete]

The black tile from the floor and wall run all the way up this rounded edge sink creating a uniform, but unique look. [Image via COCOCOZY]

Stainless steel posts support a hand-cut glass countertop and sink with pieces that are joined together and look like subtle patchwork. [by Maker George C. Scott]

Colored glass was drizzled with molten glass streams to make a sink that sits daintily on top of a counter. [by Maker Brock Madison]

On the right side of the picture you’ll see two shallow black sinks. The sinks mimic plates and add an eclectic touch to the bathroom. [Image via HGTV]



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