Art Deco Jewelry: Custom Designs, Inspirations, and Restorations

With elegant yet simple geometric designs, silver screen star glamour, and Ancient Egyptian and other exotic inspirations with a machine age edge, the Art Deco jewelry in our Art Deco jewelryy/”>CustCustomMadeelry galleries celebrates this iconic design style of the ‘20s and ‘30s.  Whether you want custom Art Deco jewelry that recaptures the spirit of that era, restores a vintage piece, or revisits the style in a contemporary creation, you can find a CustomMade artisan to make your vision a reality.

Anodized Aluminum and Sterling Silver Earrings by Mendy Marks Fine Jewelry at

Composed of circles, triangles, and spheres and with rich purple, silver, and black colors, these Art Deco-style anodized aluminum and sterling silver earrings by Mendy Marks Fine Jewelry pop with an almost electric glow. The Art Deco period is Mendy’s favorite, and she can create custom earrings like these in your choice of colors or in another Art Deco design.

Art Deco Butterfly in Copper Silver and Peridot by Bond's Jewels at

Art Deco drawings discovered by Bond Blackman of Bond’s Jewels took flight in this gorgeous Art Deco jewelry creation. The drawings “were just the graphic renderings of a jewelry possibility,” Bond recalls. “I had to try my hand by adding my own concepts to the sketch. I used copper, silver, and an actual vintage stone for the body of the butterfly.”

Hand-woven Something Blue Art Deco Sapphire and Pearl Bracelet by Rachels Design at

Looking for custom bridal jewelry? This handmade bracelet by Rachels Design features white and dark blue pearls, a 14k white gold, sapphire, and pearl clasp, and a 14k Art Deco filigree and sapphire centerpiece. “Something new, something old, and something blue.” Contact Rachel and have her incorporate your vintage Art Deco jewelry piece into a stunning new custom creation for a wedding or any other special occasion.

Emerald Art Deco Ring by Rona Fisher Jewelry Design at

Your own gemstone can become the centerpiece in a new Art Deco-inspired custom ring. Rona Fisher Jewelry Design created this Art Deco ring with a bezel setting to showcase her customer’s beautiful emerald.

Custom Vintage Art Deco-Style Halo Diamond Ring by Diamond Zone at

Diamonds were a popular choice for Art Deco jewelry. This vintage Art Deco-style halo ring was custom made by Diamond Zone for a customer’s centerpiece diamond. The 14k white gold ring also features milgrain decoration, engraving, and 32 pavé set diamonds.

Brazilian Tourmaline in Art Deco Inspired Custom Made Ring by Fine Jewelry by Francis & Linelle Lynch at

An Art Deco-inspired custom ring made from 18k and 22k gold and TruPalladium, a new platinum alloy, by Fine Jewelry by Francis & Linelle Lynch is the new home for a customer’s antique, cushion-cut Brazilian tourmaline. The clean, elegant ring design beautifully showcases the deep blue-green gemstone.

Man's Tuxedo Suite by J Grahl Design at

“An elegant alternative to traditional tuxedo sets,” this custom made handcrafted tuxedo suite by J Grahl Design features Tahitian black pearls in yellow gold and platinum settings, “a design with its roots in Art Deco simplicity.”

Opal and Diamond Pendant by Paul Bensel Designs at

In the 2D3 jewelry series, Paul Bensel of Paul Bensel Designs tries to create a feeling of flow “with just simple lines, hence the name 2D3.” This gorgeous opal, diamond, and 14k yellow gold pendant achieves a sense of movement with curves and geometric forms in a design reminiscent of Art Deco.

Peacock Feather Earrings Wire Wrapped with Beads by Dossey Designs Daring Unique Jewelry at

Exotic materials were popular choices for Art Deco designs. These peacock feather earrings evoke both silver screen star glamour and contemporary chic. Dossey Designs Daring Unique Jewelry at

Custom Five-Strand Necklace by Handmade by Sara Cramer at

Does this custom necklace bring to mind the image of a flapper? How about an Egyptian princess? After the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922, Egyptian motifs were all the rage. Art Deco jewelry, too, explored Ancient Egyptian designs through a modern lens. In this custom five-strand necklace by Handmade by Sara Cramer, Sara also puts a “modern twist” on this Egyptian-inspired piece. Whereas traditional beads for a necklace like this would have been woven from fibers, Sara created her square beads from glass.

Bring your Art Deco jewelry inspirations to the CustomMade “Get it Made” project board.  Post your ideas and requirements and have interested artisans contact you.



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