What is Lost Wax Casting?

Since ancient times, artisans from around the world have made metal jewelry pieces, sculptures, and other objects with the lost wax casting technique.  Though the designs, styles, and, of course, finished products have varied enormously, all the pieces created in this manner have one fundamental thing in common: each one literally “breaks the mold” and […]

What is Live Edge Design?

It’s easier to identify furniture made from live edge wood than to understand what live edge means.  When you look at custom live edge furniture, you probably can imagine if not see the profile of the tree that yielded the wood for the piece.  If you examine the edges of the wood slabs, the rough, […]

Custom Interior Doors

Think of all the spaces that doors cover inside your home: rooms, pantries, closets, utility areas, etc.  They occupy too much real estate on your walls to overlook them or just treat them as purely functional pieces.  Custom interior doors can meet your practical requirements (especially if your spaces are too challenging for standard doors) […]

Custom Music Boxes

Long before radio and any recording technology, the music box was the only portable playback device and the only way to listen to a song without performers present.  Despite the plethora of options available today for enjoying music anytime and anywhere, the distinctive sound of a traditional music box still has a romantic appeal for […]

Tips for Creating a Custom Enchanted Bedroom for Your Kids

Children’s bedrooms are the children’s own space. They sleep in the room and keep all their own things in it. Often, the kids’ bedroom is also their playroom. Being so, many want their children’s bedroom to be a happy place that their children like to call their own. Whimsical, colorful decor can suggest fun, and […]

Your Hunting Adventure Made More Exciting With Custom Gun Accessories

Customized equipment and accessories for gun enthusiasts helps complete any collection, and hunters love the opportunity to show off their fine taste in quality firearms with the perfect gun cabinet, rifle or shotgun rack, and other custom gun accessories like hand-crafted stock carvings. Now all hunters can find the right wood accents for their beloved […]

Four Benefits of Having a Custom Entertainment Center Built by a Local Woodworker

Having a custom entertainment center for a home is ideal for a number of reasons. The owner is able to design the perfect entertainment center that will blend in perfectly with all of the various components of the room. The custom entertainment center provides flexibility, balance, storage, space, and design options for the consumer. 1. […]

Custom Cigar Humidor Design

Protecting a cigar collection requires a blend of science and art, passion and precision.   Custom made wood cigar humidors by CustomMade artisans will preserve your collection in an ideal environment and showcase your tastes in both cigars and furniture.   Before you settle on a custom cigar humidor design, consider the following points. Spanish […]

Custom Hidden Flat Screen TV Furniture – Options for Custom Cabinets that Hide Your Plasma or LCD TV

As televisions have gotten larger, they have begun to dominate more and more of homes’ living room and family room decor. Televisions even take over bedrooms. While you enjoy having a big television, it is much better to place it on a fancier wooden stand or credenza so that this electronic elephant in the room […]

Flights of Fancy: Design Options for Your Custom Stairs

Your home’s unique style starts on the ground.  Beautiful hardwood flooring, carpets, or tiles can set the stage in every room for your furniture, built-ins, and home décor items.  If you have a multi-level home, you can also explore some intriguing options for custom flooring and stairs.  Don’t think of your stairways as just neutral, […]