Spiraling Out of Control

Spiraling Out of Control: Plastic Buildup in Our Oceans

Plastic Buildup in Our Oceans From food storage to furniture—we use plastic for everything. In 2008 alone 245 million tons of plastic were produced. These plastics often find there way into our waterways. Every year 6.4 million tons are dumped into the ocean. Many marine wildlife are injured or killed from plastic consumption. The Great Pacific […]

Designer’s Corner: Ryan Reid of R.M. & Company

Ryan Reid

About Ryan Reid & R.M. & Company R.M & Company is located on the North Shore of Boston as a contemporary interior design business. It was formed with the foundation that effective interior design is building and nurturing an interior that our client’s truly love and we are proud of creating. Besides Ryan’s background in […]

Designer’s Corner: Allison Ducharme and Victoria Sirchia of REFINED Interior Design

Allison Ducharme and Victoria Sirchia

About Allison Ducharme and Victoria Sirchia & REFINED Interior Design Allison and Victoria seamlessly transform design wishes into a reality. Bringing to life their clients’ personality and design concepts which reflect in their home or environment, they capture all elements of great design. Clients of REFINED appreciate their high standards in materials and textiles, strong […]

Designer’s Corner: Phoebe Schuh of PS & Daughters

Phoebe Schuh

About Phoebe Schuh and PS & Daughters Headquartered in Philadelphia, PS & Daughters creates award-winning interiors for residential and commercial clients across the United States. Since 2011, Phoebe Schuh and her team have dedicated themselves to fostering spaces that transform the way their clients live and work. Phoebe’s Picks from Current Artisans on CustomMade American […]

Designer’s Corner: Jennifer Terry of Calm and Collected

Jennifer Terry

About Jennifer Terry & Calm and Collected Calm and Collected is Jennifer’s goal for her clients. She enjoys taking clients from Now to Wow, with a few choice selections and creative use of the great pieces they already own. With her background as a professional organizer, she knows that when your spaces are laid out […]

Designer’s Corner: Elizabeth Lawson of Elizabeth Lawson Design

Elizabeth Lawson

About Elizabeth Lawson & Elizabeth Lawson Design Elizabeth Lawson is the principal designer and owner of Elizabeth LawsonDesign, based out of the Maryland/DC area. Elizabeth’s interiors boast a clean, effortless vibe; that are equal parts classic and modern. Her ability to create a balance between this fresh and traditional sensibility, in an uncomplicated and unfettered […]

Designer’s Corner: Evan Schwartz of Evan Schwartz Designs

Evan Schwartz

About Evan Schwartz & Evan Schwartz Designs Evan left his native Chicago for the bigger city of Brooklyn to attend Pratt where he graduated and soon thereafter found himself immersed in the art and design scene. A nester at heart, Evan understands the importance of coming home and strives to create, for each of his […]

Designer’s Corner: Kayne Rourke Wilk of Kayne Designs

Kayne Rourke Wilk of Kayne Designs

About Kayne Rourke Wilk & Kayne Designs Drawing upon her studies of both landscape and interior design as inspiration, Kayne has developed a unique approach to space and lifestyle planning that results in comfortable and functional spaces for her clients. Her three-phased approach brings clients along with her during the planning stages, often using existing […]

Designer’s Corner: Jared Epps of JSE Design

Jared Epps of JSE Design

About Jared Epps & JSE Design With over a decade of experience, Jared Epps’ notable skill in conceptual design has earned him a reputation as one of New York’s cutting edge interior designers. Jared specializes in high-end hospitality and residential interiors, with professional affiliations that include: ASID, IIDA, LEED Accreditation, and Young Leaders in Hospitality. […]

How Scared Should You Be of Off-Gassing?

How Scared Should You Be of Off-Gassing?

Maybe you’ve heard of off-gassing, with headlines claiming a mattress or couch slowly ruined someone’s health. Maybe you shrugged it off. Who has time to worry about their couch? Maybe off-gassing just hasn’t made it into your dinner table conversation yet. In any case, it’s time to pay attention. When it comes to the chemicals […]