A Veteran’s chest to commemorate 20 years of service

Medals, ribbons and decorations are awarded to servicemen and women throughout their military tenure to recognize service and personal accomplishments. As a great source of pride, many members of the military prepare for retirement by having a shadow box made to display their esteemed achievements. Nearing his 20th Naval Anniversary and retirement, Victor decided to get a different sort of […]

Makers share stories of meaningful projects

Tim Sway “Love” was all the subject line on the CustomMade request board said. Intrigued, I read the listing and found a bride-to-be looking for a special gift for her groom. Something made with “love.” The bride and I ended up designing a really original, little Scotch cabinet for his “man cave” using reclaimed walnut […]

Meet Stephen Muscarella: Reclaimed wood creations

Stephen Muscarella was itching for a change after several years spent in the corporate workforce. Countless days spent staring at a computer screen prompted him to spend his free time devoid of technology, working on his car and making furniture. The monotony of routine eventually wore thin, though, and Stephen decided to trade in his economics degree and cubicle […]

Cultivating collaboration with artistic desks

Cross-departmental collaboration and open lines of communication are the keys to success for relentlessGENERATOR. Servicing the entertainment industry, and originating as an extension of Sony Music, GENERATOR is made up of creative-minded people looking for innovative ways to promote brands, like Daft Punk, Pitbull and Christina Aguilera (to name a few) to help them reach and […]

Coming full circle with the C-3PO wedding ring

star wars wedding rings

Joe and Emily Pagani are probably the most notorious CustomMade couple ever. Who could forget their adorably geeky proposal dressed as Charlie Brown characters with the shockingly gorgeous R2-D2 inspired engagement ring? If you haven’€™t seen their adorable proposal, it is a must. Check it out. However, Emily wasn’€™t the only one getting some geeky […]

Luxurious leather styles for fall

New England is notorious for beautiful falls filled with colorful foliage, brisk breezes and plenty of pumpkin patches and apple orchards. While October really kicks off autumn, this year fall has seemingly hit the Northeast a bit sooner as the temperatures are cooling, leaves are changing and pumpkin-flavored everything is stocking store shelves. On top […]

Unique custom rings for everyday wear

Engagements and weddings have cast custom rings into a category of permanent and meaningful jewelry. However, you don’t need to be getting hitched to showcase some finger flair. As an easy-to-wear piece of jewelry, there’s a wide variety of style options when it comes to rings. Rings run the gamut of subtle and sweet to […]