The Carbon Footprint of the Internet

CO2 Emissions from Emails, Searches, and Cloud Storage

With 2.5 billion people connected to the Internet worldwide, the Internet’s energy and carbon footprint are estimated to exceed air travel. From manufacturing and shipping of computers to data use—the Internet is less green than you’d think. Learn about how the Internet is impacting the environment and what you can do to lessen it’s harmful effects.

Wind, solar, and geothermal energy are being used to power Apple’s data centers. Explore how companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google are taking steps to green their cloud. There are also ways you can green your Internet use. Unplugging your charger and using your phone or tablet for quick searches can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint of the Internet

If this infographic has you interested in reducing your carbon footprint, check out these wood computer desk. —

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