The economic pillar of sustainability is industry, focusing on making sustainable purchases, shopping local and eco-commerce.

The Power of Printing

The Power of Printing: 3D Printing Technology for the Modern Crafts Movement

3D Printing for the Modern Crafts Movement In the 1980s, most tech geeks were still busting their brains over how to develop personal computers and entertainment consoles for the masses. Little did the public know that in addition to the green MS-DOS screens and 8-bit video games entering the market, three decades later developments taking […]

Walkable Urbanism on the Rise

Walkable Urbanism on the Rise Infographic

Turning a metro space into a more walkable urban space, though costly, can reap benefits from economic growth to an increase in development. Walkable urban spaces have a higher amount of wealth and a larger number of college graduates than less walkable areas. From an increase in money spent per week to decreased crime rates—the benefits of walkability are […]

Green From the Inside Out

Green From the Inside Out –How to Make Sustainable Furniture Choices

How to Make Sustainable Furniture Choices For budget-conscious consumers, frequent movers, or first-time renters, furniture meant to stand the test of time doesn’t exactly sound feasible. A $30 coffee table, $200 bed frame, and $150 dresser may sound enticing, but as many of us have found out the hard way, these particleboard wonders weren’t exactly […]

Combating Illegal Logging with Smartphones and Smarter Shopping

Wild Crime: Illegal Logging Industry

Many of us make daily choices to try to live more environmentally conscious lifestyles. But there’s an element probably present in everyone’s home that’s contributing to the destruction of the natural world: items made from illegally sourced wood. The paper sitting in your printer, the toilet paper in your bathroom, and the coffee table in […]

Shopping for Change: A New Generation of Shoppers Helps to Bring Social Responsibility Home

Shopping For Change - A new generation of shoppers helps to bring social responsibility home

In a groundbreaking finding, Nielsen recently reported that the majority of the world’s consumers now prefer to buy products that are socially and environmentally responsible. Will this trend last? That depends on the individual consumer. Who’s Buying? Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer a new or vague concept in the minds of global consumers. […]

Renewable Energy Produces A New Crop of Small Business Benefits

Renewable Energy Jobs - A look at new job growth through green companies

When we think of renewable energy, “environment,” “green,” and “clean” may be some of the first things that come to mind. But while renewable energy is critical to solving many environmental crises, to treat it as simply a green and energy focus is to miss a gigantic element in the renewable energy story: jobs and […]

Makerspaces: A Revolution in Sustainable Production

Makerspace Movement - A Revolution in Sustainable Production

Since the first wheels of mass production started turning during the Industrial Revolution, fine craftsmen and DIYers have found it more difficult to sustain their crafts. Until recently, those handmade-focused entrepreneurs who wanted or needed access to the latest technology would have to assemble a large amount of capital for items such as 3D printers […]