Custom Rustic Chic Furniture and Décor

What is rustic chic?

For some people, rustic style is akin to “decorating like an old western saloon.”  Real and mythic images of the Old West, rural America, and iconic log cabins (and saloons) are cultural touchstones that, of course, loom large in our style vocabulary.

So where does something like this rustic wood coat/towel rack by Modern Rustic Art fit in?

Rustic Wood Coat/Towel Rack by Modern Rustic Art at

This custom rustic wood coat/towel rack by Modern Rustic Art was made from fallen maple branches that were cut and assembled so that the unique bark, growth rings, and shapes of the individual pieces add an organic counterpoint to the modern frame and hooks.

If you’re looking for rustic custom furniture and décor that doesn’t necessarily evoke the rustic of the popular imagination, then the rustic chic aesthetic may be perfect for you.

By embracing the beauty and possibilities of minimally processed wood, CustomMade artisans who create rustic chic furniture and décor remind us that rustic simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of sophistication.  Rather, it means making the most of what’s available.

Put aside the assumptions and take a look at some rustic chic from the CustomMade galleries.

Rustic-Modern Coffee Table by San Diego Urban Timber at

Beautiful wood and its possibilities don’t have to come from a remote wilderness. This Rustic-Modern coffee table by San Diego Urban Timber was made from locally salvaged sugar gum eucalyptus and redwood fence boards. “The live edge, two board top features a beautiful black streak created by a nail pounded into the tree many years ago to support a tree house. This piece has a real story to tell, and its figured top and rustic-modern base relate in a unique way.”

Reclaimed Oak Wood Coffee Table by JG Custom Design at

Can you see a table in a tree? You can still see the profile of the naturally forested white oak in this reclaimed oak wood coffee table by JG Custom Design. “This unique table celebrates the natural beauty and shape of the wood slab and combines it with incredible architectural modern touches. The steel doubles as a functional accent to prevent cracking and warping.”

Rustic Headboard-Oil Panting by Custom Rustic Furniture by Don McAulay Sr. & Jr. at

An oil painting is the centerpiece of this rustic headboard by Custom Rustic Furniture by Don McAulay Sr. & Jr. made from yellow birch twigs, tree posts, birch bark, and furniture grade birch plywood.

Original Leaf Shade Zebrawood Table Lamp by Wood-Junkie at

With his background as a professional photographer with an eye for light quality and a desire to rescue wood, even if it means going “as far as making lamp shades out of leaves that fall to the ground,” Wood-Junkie Rod Caudle perfected the “Original Leaf Shade” over the course of three years. With its eight-sided zebrawood frame and hand-colored leaves, “from five feet the shade looks like stained glass.” If the shade doesn’t mesmerize you, the sinuous hand-carved zebrawood and walnut base will.

What appeals to you about rustic chic? Whether it’s the beauty of wood, an eco-friendly ethos, the challenge of combining unlikely styles and materials in unique creations, or all three, post your ideas for custom rustic chic furniture and décor on our “Get it Made” project board and see what the “making-do” approach at the heart of a rustic style freed from stereotypes can bring to your home.



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