DIY holiday gift wrap


Jingle bell rock Incorporate the natural look of kraft paper and twine with pine cones from your own backyard. Then, add a bit of golden glamour with mini jingle bells, gold paint, and glitter.

You will need: – Kraft paper – Tape – 1 pine cone – Brown twine – Mini jingle bells – Gold glitter pen – Gold acrylic paint – Paint brush – Craft glue (such as Scotch’s Quick-Dry Adhesive)

1. Wrap your gift with kraft paper and tape.

2. Lay the twine flat on the table and place your package facedown. Twist the ends around one another to create a “t” shape. Turn the present over and tie the ends together.

3. Secure the pinecone to your gift by wrapping the ends of the leftover twine around it. Then, tie the twine in a knot and trim the ends. 

4. Brush gold paint onto the pine cone. Don’t feel the need to cover it completely, as leaving some of the natural color showing on the ends will give it a more organic feel.

5. Using a glitter glue pen, add a few small dots to the top of the box. Feel free to add some to the sides for added sparkle.

6. The final step is to glue your mini jingle bells onto the box. Again, you can choose to add a few to the top, or to scatter them all over the package for more dimension.

Let it Snow Looking out your window as the snow falls is one of the most beautiful events of the season. Create your own winter wonderland with blue paper, metallic cord, a white paint pen, and a snowflake ornament!

You will need: – Blue bulletin board paper – Tape – Metallic elastic cord in your choice of silver or gold – White oil-based paint pen (like this one by Sharpie), or white paint and pointed brush – Snowflake ornament

1. Wrap your present using blue bulletin board paper and tape.

2. Use your paint pen to draw on tiny dots across the package. If you choose to cover the entire package with “snow”, work on top of newspaper to avoid getting paint on your furniture.

3. Lay the twine flat on the table and place your package facedown. To create a window pane look, cross the ends into a “t” shape towards one end of the package (rather than in the middle). Turn the present over and tie the ends together.

4. Using the twine at the end of the knot, secure your ornament onto the package.

Merry and bright Tired of the typical red and green gift wrap? Add some glitz to your gift using only white paper, glue, and a handful of sequins.

You will need: – White bulletin board paper – Tape – Colorful sequins of your choice – Glue (spray adhesive works best)

1. Spray adhesive on the area where you would like the sequins to stick. Preserve the effect of hand-tossed glitter by leaving blank space on top of the package.

2. As soon as you apply the glue, take a generous handful of sequins and pour them on top. Complete this step while the adhesive is still wet.

3. Shake the package gently to remove any excess sequins.

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