Love, Star Wars and an Amazing R2D2 Engagement Ring (Pics and Video)

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Emily showing off the side of her R2D2 engagement ring - the detail is really amazing. Another one-of-a-kind project and story on CustomMade. Joe and Emily are the best!

Alright you geeks out there: this one’s for you. Here’s a tale about True Love featuring Charlie Brown, Halloween and of course, Star Wars. (Not a big reader? Scroll down to check out the video of the proposal!)

It all began in a tattoo shop – that’s where Joe and Emily met a few years ago where they both worked at the time. As the story usually goes, the two quickly bonded in their nerdiness and fell in love. I am sure there were many tales of intrigue that I won’t cover here, but ultimately their journey lead Joe to the decision to attempt the ultimate conquest: to ask Emily to marry him. Of course, no ordinary engagement would do. So, being an artist and designer himself, Joe started to form an idea for a one-of-a-kind ring that would make any geek princess faint with joy – a ring inspired by the one and only R2D2.

With his vision in mind, he took his idea to CustomMade and posted his project to see what Maker he could recuit to help him in his conquest:

Hello, my name is Joe. I am a Graphic Artist and Tattooer in the North Jersey metro area. I was recommended to this site by one of my closest friends and CustomMade builderEndless Design. This is my first project with CustomMade and I have to admit, I am really excited to get the ball rolling. I am looking for an enthusiastic professional to make my R2D2 themed engagement ring a reality… I am hoping to find a maker who can match my fanatical Star Wars enthusiasm. I believe this can and will be a truly unique piece for both us and your portfolio! Anxious, Joe P.

Here’s where Paul of Paul Michael Design enters into our story. Now, Paul Michael is a Jedi Master when it comes to jewelry, so it’s no surprise Joe selected him for this project of a lifetime. These two worked together to come up with the perfect design for the ring. Maybe it was more like Luke Skywalker teaming up with Han Solo.

Once the ring was complete, it traveled from Pittsburgh to the distant land of New Jersey. Joe’s excitement skyrocketed through the roof and he called Paul in exhilaration when he received the ring. We actually got the voicemail and you can listen to it via the Youtube video below!

Here’s where things really started to heat up. Now we’re taken back to the same tattoo parlor where Joe and Emily first met. Here’s how Joe explains it from there (or watch the proposal in the video below!):

Every year on Halloween [the people at the shop] get all geeked out in costume and work. This year, I had gotten the ring the day before… It wasn’t my original plan, but seemed to all fall into place. Emily dressed up as Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts and asked me to couple up and go as Charlie Brown. So, as we all gathered for a photo in front of the shop I started to ramble a bit and then popped the question. I wanted to share the moment with the parties responsible… I know it would have been better in Star Wars gear, but that might have compromised the bigger picture. Even though Charlie Brown proposing to Lucy is still kind of a fun thing too. Yes, we are also Peanuts geeks! I rock a Linus tattoo and also have the G.I. Joe sleeping bag from my childhood that I still use nightly. There are many levels of geek not only in this story but also in our lives.

Of course, the story ends happily ever after. Emily’s shock and surprise can be seen on the video we scored from one of the friends that witnessed the proposal. This truly was the droid she had always been looking for. And of course here at CustomMade, our geek-loving hearts were warmed to read Joe’s great feedback on Paul and his first experience with CustomMade. We couldn’t be more thrilled to hear about Joe and Emily and be part of their amazing story:

This was the most important art project of my adult life… There is NO WAY [it] could have been completed without Paul Bieker and/or CustomMade! This website is a diamond in the rough – a serious collection of insanely talented craftsmen and women! I have and will continue to pass off this good word to anyone looking for hand-made quality goods crafted by artistically talented and creative individuals… This is like a time capsule. Years ago we lived on word of mouth and quality of craftsmanship. Unfortunately, now people seem to be driven by bottom line price. My sympathies to those parties! CustomMade is bringing back the concept of handmade quality craftsmanship! Reviving the adage that “Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good!” A million thank you’s to Paul Michael Design. His work speaks for itself and his portfolio is a testament to his skill. The force is strong with him! … All my support and gratitude, Joe P.

That’s a wrap folks. If you thought R2D2 was cool, check out the Custom Portal Engagement Ring. Are you geek enough for a ring like this for your engagement or next anniversary? Leave a comment and let us know!

Update: Joe & Emily tied the knot with a C-3PO inspired wedding band! Check out photos from the ceremony and more details here.



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