Melissa and Jason Crisp’s unique fire pits

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If last weekend landed you on the CustomMade Facebook page, chances are your jaw dropped at the unique fire pit created by Melissa & Jason Crisp of The Fire Pit Gallery. Well, you weren’t alone! The comments were flowing, likes were flying and shares were hitting the roof. Intrigued by the intricate work of this new member of the CustomMade community, I called Melissa to talk about the process she and her husband go through to create custom fire pits. Read on for more information and scroll to the right to check out some of The Fire Pit Gallery’s work!

After seeing a fire pit in a friend’s backyard Melissa and Jason Crisp decided it would make a great addition to their own home as a gathering place for their family of six. With Jason’s welding expertise the two drove to a scrap metal yard in search of the perfect steel sphere. Jason welded the fire pit complete with 100% American-made steel, a rain drain and a rust-free finisher. While the pit was completely functional as a piece of outdoor furniture, it was missing an artistic touch that Melissa could offer given her background as a passionate painter, sketcher and sculptor.

The Crisps gathered steel spheres and Melissa drew on their surface with chalk before going in with their newly purchased plasma cutter. Scenes of animals in the woods, the Tree of Life, undulating mountains and flying birds make up the custom cut fire pits that burn brightly when alive with fire and cast striking shadows against anything the light hits. The legs of the deer and branches of the tree appear incredibly delicate, but are actually supported by quarter inch thick steel that can withstand the stormiest of weather, and despite the compact look of the fire pits most have a diameter of three feet and weigh in at over 120 pounds.

While Melissa makes artistically cutting steel sound and look simple, she humbly admits that getting familiar with the process has resulted in a lot of burnt clothes and singed hair. So whether it’s a scene from nature, a meaningful symbol or a simple design, Melissa and Jason Crisp are able to work within any specifications and aren’t afraid of a challenge. Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at plasma cutting!

Have a design you’d like to see made? Let us know in the comments section or start working with The Fire Pit Gallery.

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