New year, new home office


Do you have a home office, but struggle to figure out how to make it work for you? It’s important that your workspace is comfortable, functional, and inspiring. From accessories to furniture, each item can be created just for you on CustomMade:

Custom office desk A desk is often the main statement in a home office, and acts as a canvas for your creativity. It’s essential that it fits the space, design vision, and your work needs. A minimalistic, organic option like this one by Maker Erin True adds character, while giving a sense of clean simplicity.

Storage One of the most important aspects of a successful workspace is storage. Therefore, if you’re working within a smaller area, it’s easier if one piece of furniture has multiple functions. This colorful piece by Maker Garett Neudeck acts as both a bookshelf and a desk. Plus, it has a hidden storage cabinet!

Office chair Rather than the standard office chair, opt for something a bit more original. This beautiful chair by Maker Jerod Lazan is both chic and comfortable. Incorporating your favorite colors and patterns is an easy way to add special elements to the items in your home.

Desk lamp In a home office, a desk lamp acts as both a piece of art, and as an important tool. It will improve the ambiance in your space, and help increase your productivity. Maker Michael Wilson shows how limitless your options truly are with this unique light.

Office accessories Now, for the finishing touches… the accessories. Items such as interesting wall art, and quirky gadgets, add personality to your workspace. If you have meetings at your home office, items like this LED clock by Maker Jeremy Medow are a great conversation piece.

What will you do to customize your home office? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section below, or on Twitter @CustomMade. Happy New Year, everyone!



CustomMade is an online marketplace connecting customers who want one-of-a-kind creations with professional and passionate makers of those goods.

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