Not Your Typical Engagement Ring: Custom Jewelry for Gamers

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Finding the perfect ring to get engaged with can be more than a little nerve wracking. Taking someone’s entire personality and putting it into one ring is beyond a challenge. Right off the bat, CustomMade customer Justin knew that the average diamond ring wasn’t what he was looking for. He wanted something that was special that represented his relationship with his girlfriend and soon-to-be fiancé. Combining their love for the popular video game Portal, Justin took the image of the ‘Companion Cube’ from the game and searched for a jeweler who could artfully incorporate it into an engagement ring.

After browsing CustomMade, he settled on an artist who seemed to have the style he was looking for, new CustomMade maker Brittany Foster of BMF Jewelry. Brittany was flattered to be contacted by Justin to make such an important piece of jewelry for him and was very intrigued by the unusual design he was requesting. She knew designing and fabricating this ring would be something completely different for her but really fun to create as well. Brittany dove right in.

She drew up four wildly different designs for the ring. Some hinted at a more modern look, while others drew upon the classic engagement ring style. Each featured the cube, perched on it’s corner, as the highlight of the ring. Justin selected the most classic, simple design as his ring choice. Through further discussions, Brittany and Justin also settled on stainless steel as the metal choice. Since the Companion Cube is such an intricate design element and requires a strong, durable metal, stainless steel will maintain the integrity of the design better than other white metals in his price range.

By taking a risk and venturing far from the typical engagement ring design, Brittany was able to create a ring for Justin and his girlfriend that was completely unique to something special they shared.

And she said yes!



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