Repurposed Furniture: Custom Upcycling for Your Home

Do you have repurposed furniture in your home? Are you sure? You may be repurposing right now.  Have you brought your work home and spread it out across the dining table? Are you resting your feet on a coffee table? Our practical and creative urges are constantly finding new ways to use our furniture.  Fortunately, not all of them involve getting reprimanded, and some people even come to appreciate furniture with a certain versatile charm.  This dictionary stand by Matt Cooper Furniture Design originally served as a podium for a spring wedding.

Dictionary Stand by Matt Cooper Furniture Design at

From “I do” to “I don’t know the meaning,” this beautiful dictionary stand née wedding podium by Matt Cooper Furniture Design is made from reclaimed teak with inlaid black walnut wedges.

Unfortunately, when furniture can longer fulfill its intended purpose because of disrepair or no longer fits into a decorating scheme, an all too common reaction is to replace it and get rid of it.  If you find yourself in this situation and you’re debating how to dispose of a beloved piece of furniture responsibly, consider having it upcycled before it’s recycled.  In the hands of our CustomMade artisans, your older furniture can find new life as repurposed furniture.

For example, a customer approached Michael Meyer Fine Woodworking with a broken down upright piano that had been in the family for generations.

This old piano was brought to CustomMade artisan Michael Meyer Fine Woodworking, who repurposed it into …

The result: a unique repurposed piano/bar cabinet with a hidden bar on top – featuring maple interiors, glass shelving, accent lighting, and a keyboard reconfigured as decoration – and a hidden bookcase on the bottom.

Piano/Bar Cabinet by Michael Meyer Fine Woodworking at

… a unique piano/bar cabinet. Michael Meyer Fine Woodworking at

Not ready to say goodbye to furniture with only sentimental value left? ACME Industrial Thinking can take your favorite pieces and €œresurrect them to fit your new style and purpose € as repurposed furniture and fixtures.

Repurposed Furniture and Fixtures by ACME Industrial Thinking at

Old storage chests repurposed as a distinctive chest of drawers by ACME Industrial Thinking at

If you are by avocation a collector of antiques or junque, your special if incomplete or well worn treasures can also be upcycled into unique functional showpieces.   Here are a few examples of repurposed furniture from our CustomMade galleries that incorporate older furniture, architectural elements, and other items in amazing new designs.

CustomMade artisan DSO Creative Fabrication turned a client’s reclaimed wood and scrap metal from a factory into …

… new and useful repurposed furniture creations. DSO Creative Fabrication at

If you’re looking for a way to display an antique printer’s tray, Fred Brandes can create a custom coffee table designed to accommodate your piece. The custom cherry coffee table with inlays shown here features a removable glass tabletop so keepsakes can be placed in the compartments if desired.

Vintage Japanese ranma, or transom panels used above shoji screen doors, are given new life in beautiful contemporary tables by Table Asia Gallery. This writing table highlights the phenomenal joinery of the repurposed traditional wood panels.

CustomMade artisan Vincent Harris of TB Woodcuts salvaged a passenger seat from a Jaguar in a junkyard and gave it new life as a custom chair with cherry arms and legs. Contact Vincent and see if your favorite car seat can be saved from the scrap heap and repurposed as custom seating.

Whether your motives are environmental, sentimental, or collectible, CustomMade artisans can create repurposed furniture to meet all your practical and stylistic requirements.  Post your repurposed furniture ideas on our “Get it Made” project board and have interested artisans contact you.



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