Unique custom rings for everyday wear

Incorporate a little part of nature in a ring with lava stone suspended between a gold setting.

Engagements and weddings have cast custom rings into a category of permanent and meaningful jewelry. However, you don’t need to be getting hitched to showcase some finger flair. As an easy-to-wear piece of jewelry, there’s a wide variety of style options when it comes to rings.

As a home city remembrance, the New York city skyline was outlined on a ring.

Rings run the gamut of subtle and sweet to loud conversation starters. Because the perfect ring has to fit snugly to your finger, you should make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Exotic Pyinma wood and a glass marble joined together to create this unique ring.

Don’t be afraid to stray from the ordinary. Bold rings can be be a staple in dressing up for special occasions, but they can also be used for added style with everyday wear.

Check out this assortment of unique rings that are completely customizable.

Not many rings make use of charms, but when incorporating your initial, it’s a perfect fit.

Soft leather was studded and shaped to create a two-finger ring.

This bold ring was inspired by the form of a bird bath.

Dirchroic glass reflects light in beautiful ways, making this ring a real statement piece.

Incorporate a little part of nature in a ring with lava stone suspended between a gold setting.

Wear your initial on something other than a charm with a ring that’s not easily found in stores.

An intricate scroll design was carved into wax before being cast in silver and made into wearable art.

Metal rings can be molded into any shape, including a skull or figure of your choice.[/caption



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