Using Alternative Metals in Jewelry Design: Stainless Steel Jewelry

If you’re hypersensitive to gold (or just to its price), have you considered stainless steel jewelry for your next custom jewelry project?  Both stainless steel jewelrystainless steel and surgical grade stainless steel are relatively inexpensive and hypoallergenic metals for custom jewelry design and offer exceptional strength as well as scratch and tarnish resistance.  You can find CustomMade artisans ready to create stainless steel jewelry in a wide range of styles.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for men €™s jewelry, particularly bold custom rings and alternative wedding rings with a presence.

Stainless Steel Wedding Ring by Spexton Jewelry at

The “Double Koenig” men’s wedding ring by Spexton Jewelry features a stainless steel band with two raised brushed stripes with alternating drilled dots. The dropped mirrored edges and center reflect light “for a maximum impact.” This ring was carved on a hand-driven lathe.

Starlight Damascus Stainless Steel Men's Wedding Ring The Esentials Collection by Andrew Nyce Designs at

Over a thousand years ago, ancient Syrian artisans forged swords of incredible strength and beauty. Andrew Nyce Designs wielded their techniques to create this “Starlight” Damascus stainless steel men’s wedding ring with a dense, distinctive pattern of swirling cross-like stars.

If you think stainless steel jewelry is just for men, think again.

Etna Lava Necklace and Earrings by Rosario Merola Jewelry Art Studio at

Fire and steel, at once powerful and feminine, this necklace and earrings set by Rosario Merola Jewelry Art Studio features lava stones from the Mt. Etna volcano in Sicily on a chain of stainless steel triangles. The earrings also have 14K gold backs.

Krome Brand Bangles by Paul Michael Design at

Custom designed and powder coated stainless steel crush bangles by Paul Michael Design will give you “a chromatic experience unlike any other steel jewelry in the market today.”

You can feel confident taking your stainless steel jewelry wherever your active lifestyle takes you.

INVAR Special Stainless Steel Rings by MferenceCo at

If you’re the active, outdoor type who enjoys the water, a special stainless steel ring by MferenceCo would be a perfect addition to your custom jewelry collection. The “INVAR” ring is crafted from the highest-grade stainless steel and will not rust or tarnish. Discuss a custom engraving and any special requirements for your ring with artisan Mark Ference.

Custom Designer Pet ID Tag by Flash Gordon Designs at

If your pets are the active ones, they also deserve some rugged yet stylish custom stainless steel jewelry. Flash Gordon Designs can create amazing and durable custom designer pet ID tags from stainless steel with bronze or gold-plated finishes and a lifetime guarantee.

Using alternative metals doesn’t have to limit your custom jewelry design choices.  Post your ideas for stainless steel jewelry on our CustomMade “Get it Made” project board and discuss your options with artisans interested in your project.



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