Blue And Black Feather Downton Abbey Inspired Felt Hat: Cora

This blue felt hat was blocked by hand over antique wooden hat blocks. It is encircled by a nearly riotous assemblage of black feathers and finished with a hand beaded black bead fleur de lis with a scattering of small Swarovski crystals. It would be a perfect wedding hat.

I hear that there's a term for a trend at London fashion week: The Downton Effect. Apparently elbow length glove sales are up over 400%. As a fan of costume drama, it is impossible not to be inspired by the glory of this BBC program. I watch episodes twice so that I can pay attention to the story the first time and focus entirely on the costumes the second. My husband has been very patient with me. It's not a huge stretch-- I have read Jane Austen's novels at least 6 times and have watched Colin Firth as Darcy probably more than a dozen times. I live for this stuff. It had to eventually show itself in my hats.

This hat is for Cora. It is deeply ostentatious. It takes a confident woman to wear it, but it will write her beauty in the skies. Stepping into Cora's shoes is a heady business, but one I'm sure loads of us Downton fans would give anything to do.

The hat is made from a very high quality velour millinery felt. It has a little hand pleating in the brim to give it a more modern touch. There are a great many feathers nested around the crown: ostrich, and raven black coq feathers, both whole and stripped. I love the stripped feathers: flutter in the slightest breeze. The black band has a bead embroidered fleur de lis just to ensure that it's as over the top as possible.

This hat is for a very special woman, and I want to make sure that it fits perfectly. For this reason, I have not yet lined it. It's easier to adjust size before it's lined. It will be lined with silk shantung. Please convo me so that we can discuss headsize.

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