Bok Choy Chopper

This medium-sized chopper is designed for cooks who must often chop medium-sized vegetables. The 9 1/2-inch-long flat blade and inclined grip provide sufficient leverage and length to rapidly reduce its namesake Bok Choy or smaller vegetables to size. It is available with a pencil or truncated point. The pencil point is handy if meats are often worked with the knife for lifting or moving slices or meat sections, but the truncated point is safer in that it is less likely to go through a shoe should it fall from the cutting surface or peg board. The round oval grip fits into the palm of the hand and provides a non-rotating grasp even if the hand is wet or soaked in fat. As in many knives in this series it is designed to be hung by the work station, rather than being placed in a knife block or drawer. It is offered in either a single or double-ground blade and with a variety of grip options.

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