Bread Ejector, For Homemade Bread

This was a project to design and build a Bread Ejector for homemade bread that solved the customer's problem.

The customer's physical limitations prevented her from gripping and ejecting the loaves of homemade bread from the loaf pans. On a good week she would make between 12 and 20 loaves of bread which she donated to the Sisters at a local college. She needed an aid that allowed her to invert and remove the loaves easily.

The Simple Obstacle Solution to this design was to have a fixture that would hold the pans, and allow them to be banged downwards, without having the operator being required to grip the pan. The fixture can be seen in the pictures. A metal frame built from mild steel stock that included springs to lift the pan frame. All that was required was to slide the pan into the retention slots, and push down on the pan until hit the lower stops and the bread loaf would fall out.

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