Bronze (4) Animal Benches

Deer sculpture bronze garden bench
Bear sculpture bronze garden bench
Lion sculpture bronze garden bench
Horse sculpture bronze garden bench

Featured here are unique bronze animal sculpture cast into a bench with the top of their body made as a seat.

Our many skilled and creative artisans using the Lost Wax Cast Bronze method craft our bronze statues and bronze tables. Any one of the bronze benchs would be an attractive and useful addition to a special room in your home or your outdoor garden.

It would certainly be a conversation art sculpture that can be multi functional as a sculpture, bench or coffee table.

Available in
Finish: Brown Patina
: Green Patina
Length (Inches): 62 Length (Inches): 60 Length (inches): 66
Width (Inches): 30 Width (Inches): 25 Width (inches): 20
Height (Inches): 47 Height (Inches): 29 Height (inches): 38

Lenget (inches): 62
Width (inches): 36
Height (inches): 22 230 lbs

Your choice of any one of the animal benches.
The benches are priced per piece.

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