Brooch/Pendant Made Of Gold

Several years ago a gemstone vendor pulled out an unusual laminate composed of a variety of types of of the main ones being a good size piece of opal occupying the center. It seemed too interesting a piece not to purchase at the time...although I had little idea what I might do with it.

It seemed entirely too large to be used for a ring...the mainstay of what I most typically make. To make the story short, I opted to use the stone laminate as essentially the centerpiece in a pin/pendant combination, so it might be worn either way, thus increasing its versatility.

In addition to the laminate composed of the assortment of precious and semi-precious gemstones, this piece is made of a combination of yellow gold, white gold, channel set diamonds, tsavorite (a bright and substantial green version of garnet), sugilite bullet-forms, and a pearl that leans toward pink. Attempting to recall the general size of this piece, I believe it was approximately 3" long.

Despite the fact that the piece was sold quite a number of years ago AND that I'd have no idea if a similar laminate of gemstones is even being made, it appears I'm required to provide at least a general idea what the asking price would be. Unfortunately, I have no idea at all if I could lay my hands on a similar item AND, assuming I could, I have no idea at all what it might cost. But since I'm required to specify a price range, I'll do my best. However, should a person express interest in my making a piece bearing some level of similarity (which would require that I be able to locate a reasonably similar gem laminate...which I may or may not actually be able to find), I can't and won't take responsibility if my estimate might be off.

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