Brook Trout Sculpture

Tedious hours of waiting has filled the cold air with tension. Discovered weeks before, the wary 24" brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), dressed in regal spawning attire has turned all attempts to catch him into failure and frustration. Autumn leaves, like tiny helpless boats, float across the long beaver pond. A telltale ripple spreads across the water, the fly line shoots forward and drops the fly between the leaves. The heart pounds, seconds seem like minutes. Suddenly there's a buldge, just under the surface. The leader tightens as the rod snaps back. The hook is set and the beaver pond explodes. With the warrior in the wind, head shaking wildly, there's just too much raw power on the terminal end. There will be no prisoners taken today, this wild brookie is... "Hell Bent For Freedom".

Dimensions: approx 26'' high and approx 30 lbs

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