Brother Sun, Sister Moon Ring

The Brother Sun & Sister Moon ring has been judged as the "Best in 3D" Category in the Nasa Spacecraft competition! And the villagers rejoiced! Thank you, one and all, for your effusive congratulations, I really do appreciate it so much.
This ring is the penultimate in the evolution of a ten year design process. In order to achieve a "Celestial" look, I must make this ring the hard way. Each dot or "star" is actually a small hole bored through the Ti ring itself and then riveted with Fine Silver. Silver, being the whitest of all metals, is a great stand-in for stars as well as the perfect contrast to the gunmetal gray of Titanium. The Yellow Diamond Sun and the White Diamond Moon are each set into metals of opposing colors to reflect the yin/yang nature of the universe as I see it. The planets are each represented by historically corresponding metals; 14K Pink Gold stands for the planets of Mercury and Mars; Fine Silver stands for Venus and Jupiter, and 18K yellow Gold represents Saturn. This ring is the best example, to date, of what I have been striving for, a subdued astronomical look of many small and even smaller dots punctuated by different metals as planets in a sea of stars. The photos to the right allow you to see the entire circumference of the ring. This ring is a size 8 1/2, 6 mm wide and 2.3 mm thick; total Diamond weight is 17 points. Most sizes are available on a custom order basis. These rings are not sizeable so exact measurement is, like so many other occasions in life, extremely important.
This exact ring, as a competitor in the Space Craft competition, has been contributed to NASA. As such it is not available for immediate purchase but can certainly be ordered on a custom basis. Thank You.

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